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Welcome to the abyss. wait, what's this place called? Deevee-unt Ert? kids these days.
I update every 4 months. Why? I have other things...
You're welcome to say hi to me if you see me on some steam server (my name's Faeor)

SOUNDCLOUD!! (check out some cool music)

Tumblr (endertainment)…

youtube (i might make SFM's)…


It's some question thing. tagged by :iconhatmouse: (sorry it's so late)
Where did you last go for vacation? How was it, and what are some highlights?
Vacation? I went to a wedding on Vancouver Island. Does that count?
It was neat, my mom and brother got to see the view from our hotel get fogged up in the morning. On a side note, my mom's from Seachelt, BC.

If you could choose to become fluent in any language, what would it be and why?
Probably Finnish or Japanese. They both sound familiar. I'd use it to talk to some youtube friends and maybe use it if I ever leave this country.

Do you have a specific piece of clothing/jewelry that you always have with you?
Sometimes if I go to a fair I'll wear those bracelets you get for rides for months until it starts to look really gross.
I wish I could wear a necklace or something everyday that wasn't my pants/hoody

If you could have some sort of supernatural ability, what would it be? If you can, explain in detail.
Healing or communicating with the non-living. neat.

What is your favorite childhood book?
the Amulet series, by Kazu Kibuishi
I own book 3
I guess I come up with more questions? okay...
-Do you have an oc (original character)? If so, how did you get inspired to create them?
-What is your favourite game(s) and why?
-Would you rather create or destroy to make room for creations?
-What are your favourite pokemon and why?
-What kind of people do you like to follow on social media (artists, musicians, animators...etc)?

I'll tag :iconninjacacti: :iconlGGlE:
oh man it's really snowing. that's why it's called canada...
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Because its so late into August and we still haven't found a house in medicine hat, there is a 90% chance of staying here for another year. Yay! It's better if we wait so my brother can get into his autism program and I get my braces.
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Articuno by EnderMew
remember this guy back in 2012? it sat around so long, gathering stains from who knows what. i finally got around to finishing it with watercolour pencils and paint.

so, about the move. we might go around october, or just cancel it. apparently it cost too much now
Faeor by EnderMew
wandering ghost? myself in the future? past friend?
Creeper by EnderMew
Creeper why watercolour is awesome. now i have a headcannon where creepers are plant based creatures. they use their legs as roots.

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